A garden that looks older always has more appeal than a garden that looks ‘new’ or just planted. With ‘green’ movements and advocacy, recycling and reusing can be going deeper that you would care to admit. Come to think of it, using stuff that you already have is practical. Not only is the prospect saving you money and time, it can also save you space.

Are you challenged by space and lifestyle? If you are, then you are more likely the type who keeps a garden shed that double function as storage for extra stuff that can clutter the garden or the house. But even with garden sheds, you need to reduce, reuse, or recycle things because your shed c


annot magically store everything.


Here is one great garden decorating idea for you. Reuse or recycle stuff that can hold plants as a container for gardening.  This is a great platform to get your creative juices flowing; you can create one of a kind look in your garden while giving those things around the house a second lease of life.

Here are some things you can recycle or reuse as containers for gardening or in decorating the garden:

  • Kitchen Sink – If you are making a kitchen renovation and replacing the old sink, keep it. It can make a great decorative addition in the garden. If you are planning to install some sort of ‘water structure,’ a sink can be used as an integral part of the design. Rather than buy everything, save the old sink and save some money in the process. Alternatively, the old sink with a drain can also be used as a container for blooms or crops.
  • Dresser Drawers – Are you ready to chuck your old dresser? Before doing so, take out the drawers. These make good beds for seeds, herbs, low growing annuals and starter plants . Just put some waterproof liners to prevent the wood from rotting. Fixing them on the walls of the shed or the garden walls can transform them into unique wall planters.
  • Old Shoes – How can you extend the lives of your old shoes? You need not wear them if they are already out of fashion or are already worn out. Instead, bring them to the garden, put a waterproof liner and use them as planters for succulents, herbs, and annuals.
  • Old Door, Window, or Crib Frames – Just add some screen materials like chicken wire and you got yourself a trellis. You can retain the rustic look of the wood or splash some color into it to make it a charming piece of garden decoration that is functional at the same time.
  • Colanders and Tin Containers – These containers can be hung using dog or bicycle chains, or wires. These can look fantastic as hanging planter baskets. With some colorful blooms, these items make great decorative stuff in the gardens.

It can be harder for those people who have less creativity coursing through their veins. But, if you have the interest to recycle, think outside the box. ‘A person’s waste is always someone else’s treasure.’ Use Internet resources for ideas. Soon, your garden shed will have less recyclable to store as these are ingeniously utilized in planting and decorating the garden.

If you are feeling a little worried about what lies of head of you, that’s understandable. But don’t ignore it if the anxiety is strong. Decorating should be a fun, exciting adventure, not a painful event. If you’re feeling very tense about the whole thing, take a step back and try to determine why.


Is the budget you’re working with too high? Are you in the middle of life changes that make it hard for you to focus on this task? Are you unhappy with your roommate and therefore find it difficult to work on the living spaces you share? If you have such problems, put off major decorating for a while. Working on your home might seem like a good diversion to help you forget about an unhappy condition, but the issues that are really bothering you will have to be worked out sooner or later.

When you’re ready to begin decorating your home, you will probably start noticing things like interesting groupings in friends’ homes, or perhaps you’ll impulsively pick up a decorating magazine (or two, or three) in the grocery store. When the time is right, you’ll know, and you’ll do a much better job if the stress has been worked through.

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Another idea, if you’re not feeling confident about home decorating, is to get advice from professionals. Many interior decorators across the country specialize in providing design services for small-budget clients. Some friends of mine contacted one such designer, who came to their home for just a few hours and gave them many ideas on how to improve problems areas. Her consultation fee was reasonable, and they were able to initiate her ideas all by themselves.

The difference, in some rooms, was incredible, and their money was well spent.

You can get free help, too. There are many websites and television programs dedicated to home decorating. Seek them out and see whether they can help you. Jot down ideas, print out instructions— don’t go it alone; there’s plenty of help out there.

Most of all, we encourage you to have fun while you decorate your living spaces, no matter what your budget may be. Good luck!!